Here’s where the story begins…

I have shoes. Lots of shoes. I always have, or at least before I did, I always wanted to. It probably goes back to my elementary and high school days when, donning my plaid uniform, the only thing worn that could be personalized were your shoes.

I particularly enjoy the ability shoes have to define an outfit. I think a person’s style can be most easily pinpointed by their accessories. But enough seriousness.

My shoe addiction has become a joke amongst my friends, particularly my coworkers. My coworker, Bethany, keeps tabs on what’s on my feet and promptly calls me out when I wear a pair she doesn’t recognize. She’s not psycho, I promise…she’s just lucky enough to sit next to me. Well I’m her manager, so she technically has no choice.

After a discussion about my constant struggle of trying to find the best way to organize the shoe collection in my small apartment, Bethany asked how many pairs I own. I honestly didn’t know. Ridiculous! And then she decided…she wanted to see every pair of shoes I own. Every. Last. Pair.

Her challenge to me: to wear a different pair of shoes each day, until every pair has been worn. No repeats. We would keep a photo journal, and see just how long I could go before I had to repeat a pair. I’m not even sure what the final count is….but the seasons will have changed by the time I’m through.

I’ve accepted, and this is the journey through my shoe wardrobe. Read. Laugh. Enjoy. Comment.