Let me explain the rules of the challenge….

• One pair each day. No repeating. I thankfully have the weekends off, so we will be counting working days only.

• I will log daily input about each pair including provenance, comfort, shoe confidence level, bodily injuries resulting from wearing the shoes, interesting facts, a compliment meter, and whether or not these shoes will stay in the rotation of my closet….or be sent to the RIP shoe graveyard, never to be worn by me again. Reader input is highly encouraged.

I admit I have several pairs of, well, less than comfortable shoes. Yes, we women suffer for beauty. I will buy a pair of deliciously beautiful shoes knowing the pain they will inflict in a few short hours. Hence, I have time limits on several of my shoes: the ‘3-hour or sitting’ shoe, for example, primarily for dinners, weddings and such engagements where I spend most of my time looking fabulous….sitting down. To address these shoes and the fact that I do have to walk to meetings and all over our building on a regular basis the following additional rule has been established:

• The shoes must be worn into the building and until at least lunch. I am to tough it out as long as possible, but if necessary will change shoes midday. The midday shoe does not count for an additional day….that pair must also be worn on it’s own, for an entire day.

Let the fun begin…