Hall Of Fame

Welcome, to the newly inaugurated Hall of Fame.

Here I will post only shoes that have met 100% approval rating by you, the voters. So far only one shoe has made it in. Keep voting and we’ll see which pairs get the nod of best of the best…

Suede, Patent, Grey...all in one glorious heel

Suede, Patent, Grey...all in one glorious heel

I’m rather proud that the first HOF pair are grey. I wholeheartedly agree they are HOF worthy.

Textured, sparkly pumps. Brooches on your toes!

Textured, sparkly pumps. Brooches on your toes!

The second pair of shoes to be inducted into the HOF, from Day 24. These drew a few oohs and aahhs at the office and I’m glad you all agree. I’m even more glad I get to keep them in my rotation! Keep voting and stay tuned for more HOF updates.

Well here are 2 newly added pairs….no, they didn’t garner 100% approval, but they were darn close and I think with the margin of error, shall we say, they qualify. I love my kicks, and it’s hard to be unhappy in brightly colored flats. It’s nice to see the HOF rounded out with sneaks and flats. We’ll see what other pairs make it this far…

Grey kicks...for kickin' it

Grey kicks...for kickin' it

My hip-hop staples, from Day 34 make it into the HOF.


Flats the color of my grandma's favorite lipstick

Flats the color of my grandma's favorite lipstick

The ruby-red shiny flats from Day 41. Y’all love ’em!

Peep toes in croco. Don't you love the background tile?

Peep toes in croco. Don't you love the background tile?

Ah, a beatuiful pair in a beautiful locale. The black snakeskin heels from Day 50. No argument from me, you clearly have good taste.


Shiny happy shoes

Shiny happy shoes

What would the HOF be without a little shine to spice things up? Clearly you agreed as you inducted the ‘Midas Touch’ heels from Day 71 into infamy. I was a bit surprised at this pair, but you have inspired me to wear them more often. Sometimes I just need a little reminder.


Party shoes for a special occasion

Party shoes for a special occasion

The next pair elevated to Hall of Fame status are hardly a surprise. With one vote against them (one person I’m convinced just doesn’t like yellow) they’re nearly a unanimous decision. I adore them as well and I admit I’m delighted a pair in yellow has made it this far. Yellow bow-laden heels from Bethany Gets Married Special Edition

and finally…


Louboutins, the final fete

Louboutins, the final fete

The finale, from Day 82…it is only fitting that my last pair be Hall of Fame worthy. Yes, I clearly saved them until the end purposely. They are my most favorite pair of shoes. The yellow pair above are a close second but these win in quality and classic design. I’m so glad we agree. I’ll be saving these for my kids one day.


§ 14 Responses to Hall Of Fame

  • pairdiem says:

    Just for the record, the voting never closes…I’m just picking 100% approval rating after around 20-30 votes for now. If the votes change, so does the HOF!
    Happy Voting!

  • Kelly Diaz says:

    This is awesome! I think I spent about half an hour on here on Sunday working my way backwards, but I’m definitely not through. Everything is so well put together and I’m totes jealous of your shoe collection!! I’m going to pass this along to some of my more fashion-forward friends.

    • pairdiem says:

      Thanks Kel! I definitely appreciate your votes and your fashionable opinion. Too bad I don’t fit the Stuart’s, they’d be the stars of the blog!

  • Sarah says:

    I do love these 2 the best.

  • Dani says:

    I think there are more to add, no?

  • Rebs says:

    I was hoping to see Day 60’s Lemon Fresh lovlies make the HOF but alas, three no votes that leave me quite perplexed!

  • rebecca says:

    sorry but the Lemon Fresh pair belong here… i vote to ignore the “no” votes

    • pairdiem says:

      I know, I really could not agree more….maybe we can find lots of other people to vote yes and inch the approval rating up 🙂

  • Missy says:

    Sara – girl! I bow down to your shoe selection! WOW!!! I loved them all but there were a few (any of the yellow ones) that I just wanted to immediately try on. Oh and the black crocodile peep toe heels…yum! I also loved the fancy ones with the little bow on the toe…so cute! So…what size shoe do you wear? I think we may need to swap a few pairs! 🙂

    It was great seeing you this weekend! Take care!

  • N'East Style says:

    Sara – I absolutely love the suede and patent leather gray heels. Are those J.Crew? What a fabulous HOF collection!


    • pairdiem says:

      Hi Christine,
      Thanks for taking a look!
      The grey suede/patent pumps are actually Modern Vintage which I bought at DSW a little over a year ago. (Target also knocked off the exact pair, FYI)

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