Me, the Short Story

Blog Founded: 2009, Dallas, TXredpeeptoes

Born: Burke, VA (that’s Northern VA, to you)

Designer/blogger: Sara

Philosophy: I love fashion. I love it. I love colors, textures and most especially patterns. I in no way think claim to be the best dressed in the room, but I enjoy fashion and the creativity I pour into what I choose to buy and choose to wear. I believe in quality over quantity. I believe you can have quality pieces but almost never pay full price for them. I love finding deals, the little steal of a bracelet or pair of shoes from a sale, boutique or a vintage shop. I believe in 10 essential wardrobe pieces….but endless possibilities when it comes to shoes. I believe less is more. I think a women should be classy and fabulous in the way she dresses and carries herself and that means modesty. Not dull or boring, mind you, but like a lady. Period. My dream job? Personal shopper. (it’s a gift)

The Early Days: Catholic prep school, with lots of maroon and grey plaid…the jumper version, then the skirt. Off to high school and the crest emblazoned blazer. Typically east coast, really. Rugby shirts, pinch-rolled jeans, lots of things from Britches… loafers, top siders, etc. Repurposing lots of hand-me-downs from the older sisters, whose items were always much cooler than anything I had. My penchant for khaki and button-down preppyness earned me the moniker ‘Gap girl’ from my two younger sisters in my junior high days. I think the Gap was cooler back then…or I wasn’t, who knows?  I wasn’t as adventurous in regards to fashion as I am now, but I’ve always been a clotheshorse. A few high school friends  all decided to wear my clothes and have a ‘Carpoli Trunk Show’ strictly out of my closet.

The Influence: I’d call myself Preppy Femme, I suppose. I love classic, vintage, timeless items…but worn in a manner with just enough detail to make it interesting and unique. I’m addicted to navy, oxford shirts, and have a penchant for all things nautical. As much as I used to try to fight my girlyness, I always end up with something ruffled, pleated or patterned.

The On-Screen Influence: I love the always-refined Hitchcock-ian women. Icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, CZ Guest, (obviously) Jackie O. and her cardigans plus a little modernity like Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada….who doesn’t love the clothes in that film?

The soundtrack: I love music, all kinds save country (Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn classic country being the exception). Moods drive my choices when it comes to music, so each day has it’s own soundtrack: Indie, alternative, folk, indie rock, blues, classical. Sometimes I want a full power-ballad anthem; sometimes I just want Beethoven. I love discovering new music and will give just about anything a listen. I’m amazed by the power of music to inspire and elevate and without it, my world would be rather empty.

Every woman should have: Pearls, a navy blazer, a signature perfume and shoes that make her feel unstoppable.

Every (brave) woman should also have: Animal print. But not an entire ensemble of it. That would be ridiculous.

“A woman should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.” ~Coco Chanel


§ 14 Responses to Me, the Short Story

  • Dani says:

    Ah love the reference to Flight of the Conchords

  • Rosie says:

    Sara – I LOVE this! I remember the Carpoli trunk show, and I think that was the only time I ever wore anything that could be classified as fashionable in my four years of high school. I look forward to reading more!!

    • pairdiem says:

      Rosie, I’m pretty sure you were definitely more fashionable at some point than on that night….like in out of our killer formal dresses! Funny thing is, I remember EXACTLY what your outfit was in the Carpoli trunk show…navy short-sleeve ribbed fitted tissue T, navy and white striped drawstring wide leg pants. Awesome. 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    Hi Sara, I love your site! I’ve been checking it out from time to time and had to comment. I seriously think I might have 20 pairs of shoes (well maybe more) but I really only wear at most 10 different ones at work. I envy your shoe fashion!!!

    FYI, I’ve known Sara since 1st grade and she always had fashion sense, even wearing those horrible maroon knee high socks in elementary school. 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

    • pairdiem says:

      Cindy! So great to hear from you, ah yes, the lovely maroon knee socks with our stellar plaid jumpers. High fashion.

      Thanks for your sweet comments and thanks for voting!! I think you should send me some pics of your shoes 🙂 maybe add some knee socks.

  • Anna says:

    Great site! I am enjoying perusing through it. I’ve got it bookmarked 🙂

  • Ken says:

    Do you take gifts from shoe brands for you to try? I’m sorta in love with your blog. Ken

    • pairdiem says:

      Thanks Ken, glad you’ve stopped by! I have not been gifted any shoes as of yet; they are all my own purchases. Maybe someday…

  • Mitchell says:

    randomly came across your site and even more randomly I’ve from Burke, VA

  • Dan says:

    Sara – love this quote “I believe in 10 essential wardrobe pieces….but endless possibilities when it comes to shoes.”

    Do you have a list of 10 essentials in general, or for men and women?

    Would love to discuss with you!



  • Caitlyn says:

    I just wanted to say that i go to bishop ireton and Im from northern va and its good to know that some one cares about fashion from here because no one seems to anymore…great blog!

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