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August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Jack Rogers Navajos with a hot-house print maxi dress

Linen, seersucker, floppy straw hats, bright flowers, Jack Rogers sandals—nothing speaks so blatantly of summer as these. One of the most recognizable pair of shoes is the Jack Rogers (Navajo) sandal; even more recognizable than the Lily Pulitzer dresses they are most often paired with. Jackie did her part in cementing them as the perfect resort sandal back in the 60s when she vacationed in Palm Beach. I happened upon them much later, and pretty late to the game in fact, since these are my first pair of the whip-stitched, medallion-shaped sandal. Most east coast girls get their first pair very young (that often match mummy’s pair) and wear them well into retirement. Jack’s are classic, plain and simple. They’ve caught on quite a bit as this year ‘prep’ is a trend in the retail world—you can find them at Anthropologie and Nordstrom for example. Something I love about them is the cut. The cut of any shoe can make or break it, even in a simple flat sandal. The middle band of leather not only keeps them on (function) but also makes a wider foot appear more slim. A metallic sandal is such an easy decision for summer and I’ve been wearing mine often (as in, all the time). My most favorite pairing: with slim and short white denim and a hot pop of polish. There’s also no better compliment to a brightly colored sundress.


[prov-uh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun; place or source of origin.

Date of Purchase: Spring 2011

Circumstances: As stated above I’m late to the JR club but immediately fell in love with this, their iconic classic shape. The immediate decision had to be made about color since they come in a rainbow of summer colors and fabrications, but you can’t go wrong with metallics in summer. I was going to purchase mine directly from the  Jack Rogers online store when lo and behold I just happen to throw ‘Jack Rogers Navajo 8’ into the search field on Ebay. Maybe you’re creeped out by buying shoes on Ebay. I’m not. I found this pair, new, for 20% less than I found anywhere else: my size, in the perfect neutral metallic platinum color. I guarantee they are the first of many pairs of Jack Rogers I will own. I have my eye on the white/bone combination next or, just maybe, the custom monogrammed version. Who doesn’t want their initials on their shoes?

Comfort: A solid pair of leather-soled sandals. The leather has stretched to my feet well and although there’s an absence of cushion, I am comfortable in them all day. Overally, 9 out of 10.

Compliment Meter: 6. Complimented often, by women of all ages. As I write this post in the Houston airport, the woman across the aisle just complimented me on them and admitted she owns the same in white.

Worn with: Strapless printed maxi dress from Anthropologie, selvedge chambray button-down from J. Crew, Michele watch and stack of assorted bracelets.

Thoughts: “Elegance is a discipline of life.” ~ Oscar de la Renta


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