Guest Post: Boots for Well Endowed Calves

December 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

A guest post from Bethany, one half of the Lazy Bird Bakery duo. She found her perfect pair of riding boots, and did what she had to do to own them. Have a read…

Fossil Audrina Riding Boots

Some brands may consider me to be that of the huntress variety. By huntress I mean this girl has some calves on her. Not cankles, that maybe pushing it, but just some serious calves. Therefore, boots that fit my healthy huntress calves are a rare find. But alas, the day has come.


[prov-uh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun; place or source of origin.

Date of Purchase: Fall 2010

Circumstances: It’s 5 o’clock on a Friday. Not only the end of the workday, but also the end of the workweek and even better, the beginning of a nice and relaxing weekend. Or so I thought. All week long our company was setting up for its annual friends and family shopping day. While everyone was setting up the sale, they were apparently blasting ‘Now that’s what I call Music’ Volume 1 with ‘Everybody Dance Now’ by C & C Music Factory played several times a day, all week long. Ok, so that song was before any of those cd’s but you get my point. Needless to say, I was ready to get out of the building. Let’s face it, I’m working for my weekends and my weekends require me sleeping in on a cold windy November Saturday not heading back up to work in search of deals. Visitors get really excited; I went once and pretty much swore that I would never do it again because it’s always a mad house.

I had no intentions of sitting in the cold for three hours on a Saturday to go shopping, but I perused the sales items just to make sure I was certain of my decision. Then, amongst many boxes of shoes I see these beauties. Dare I get my hopes up and sit in the cold only to have these boots not fit this huntress? Of course, not. Don’t be silly. I busted out a pair in my size and tried those bad boys on right then and there; much to my dismay they fit like a glove. Fully zipped and over my jeans. HURRAY! It’s at this very moment I realize that I will no longer be sleeping in and that I will have to get to work in the morning around 5am with the other fanatics if I even want a shot at taking these boots home with me. So it’s settled. I’m going to join the rest of the crazy people in the morning. I mean for $50 boots that retail for $168, you’d be crazy not too! Right?

But it doesn’t end here. I quickly realize that I will need my work badge/nametag/key card thing to get into the sale tomorrow to prove that I am an employee. Bad news: I hadn’t seen that thing in a week or so and I immediately panic. As I quickly trying to figure out how to bribe someone else to buy these for me in my absence I realize that that’s just cruel. Not fair and not right. I frantically start walking around the building looking for the security guard, as he has the power to create a new nametag for me, only to not be able to find him anywhere. I call the operator tell her my situation and she let’s me know that she’s going to hunt down the security guard and call me back. As I walk downstairs to meet the security guy at his office, he cuts me off at the pass and seems none too pleased. Oh well. It was all for the love of the boots and once we started talking he didn’t seem so upset with me. (I think he enjoyed our little chat.

At 5:30pm, the end of a Friday, make-up worn off, keeping it casual in my legit Chicago, Super Concert of ’76, polyester concert t-shirt, probably made in the back of someone’s van, I had my badge and would soon have my boots.

I braved the cold and the early Saturday morning crowd and got my boots. Success and worth all the effort. Everybody dance now.

Compliment Meter: Not a whole lot only because once you buy something from our store at work you and about 50 other people end up wearing the same thing on the same day. But I know they’re cute and those other 50 people know they are cute too.

Comfort: Not bad for being completely flat bottomed. Quite cozy.

Worn with: Beige, over-sized, loose crocheted DKNY sweater from Nordies and Levis Skinny Jeans.

Thoughts: “Always buy a good pair of shoes and a good bed, as if you aren’t in one you are in the other.” ~Gloria Hunniford

If you’re so inclined, you can share a shoe story as well. Send to


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