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From ferocious heels to foldable flats

We’ve all been there. Well, if you’re a female over the age of 14 you’ve been there: out and about in a pair of killer heels that are murdering your feet. You would kill to just peel them off your swollen extremities to get relief, but walking around barefoot is not a viable option. If you’re at the beach that’s allowed, but then, why are you wearing high heels in the sand (see Rachel Zoe Season 3 Premier )? Dr. Scholl’s purveyor of a wide variety of foot-saving products has proposed a rescue plan, namely Fast Flats. Sold in a box with slipper-like sizing it’s a pair of ballet flats you can pull out of your bag and swap with your heels anytime you’re in need of relief. The shoes fold up and come with their own gold wristlet for disguising in your bag, along with keeping them separate from your other belongings. It’s a novel idea and since it’s Dr. Scholl’s, they just might be comfortable.

Will they look like slippers, with their minimal sole and stretchy faux-leather upper? Are they comfortable? Is it possible to change shoes in public gracefully? Should a lady just suck up the pain and deal with it? I have my doubts overall. Furthermore, from a practicality standpoint you’d have to be carrying a large handbag to hide your heels in once you make the switch, if you don’t have access to a car. Although I’ve become more strict on comfort level of the shoes I purchase, I admittedly still own a few pairs of painful, short-term, best-when-sitting heels that are a bit tortuous on my toes. At the end of the night I’d do practically anything to make the pain subside. With an upcoming trip to NYC on the horizon (and the increased walking I’m not used to here in Dallas) the Fast Flats just might get a test run, and if they do, I’ll post a full report. At less than$15, it’s a fast fix worth trying.

Thoughts: “I’d make a wonderful Lady Macbeth. I’ll wear a pair of platform shoes or something.” ~Bette Midler


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