Guest Post: LeeAnne’s Birthday Babies

July 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

The latest guest post, from my friend Lee Anne. She is much too kind to me in her post, but we are kindred spirits in our love for a good pair of shoes that seem to be meant just for us. Yay for birthdays! Yay for shoes!

It's a Suede and Cork Summer Birthday from Michael Kors

Every woman needs a fabulous pair of birthday shoes. Mine had gone unpurchased until the fabulous Sara of Pair Diem bequeathed me with an amazing gift card to DSW. I woke up and instantly had a hole burning in my pocket, and just had to make a visit to location near my house. I went in to innocently look for shoes for a friends wedding. I found several contenders, and made my way to the sale racks, knowing to never get my hopes up. I have a larger foot, and I often find shoes in my size to look cumbersome, and down right dowdy. They never seem to have the “holy grail” finds in my size. That was, until this day. I casually browsed the aisles, and to my utmost shock and awe, I came across the unthinkable, a pair of suede Michael Kors wedges. Now, on my budget, full-priced MK wedges just aren’t something I can pop for. But when they are marked down an additional 40-off, and you have a gift card, the math nerd in me comes screaming out when I calculate the discounted price. I practically stole these shoes. And I’ve never felt better about an attempted theft in my life. I literally was on a shoe high for three days. Just glimpsing the heel, the material, the gold sole sends me into instant bliss. So, to Sara, I am eternally grateful. You gave me the best gift of all, outside of your friendship, the birthday shoe of my dreams.

Thanks again!

~ Lee Anne

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§ 2 Responses to Guest Post: LeeAnne’s Birthday Babies

  • Lee Anne says:

    Thanks for letting me guest post, Sara! Honored to write on your fabulous blog. And I spoke the truth. Becoming friends with you is one of the best parts of my year thus far! And you make me step up my fashion game. That’s a challenge I’m always happy to take.

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