Animal Instinct

July 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

A pair of smart peep toed leopard heels

I don’t care what type of closet you keep or what style you subscribe to, every female needs just a touch of leopard in her wardrobe. As seen a year ago, I already own these leopard pumps. Although they made it through the challenge, I remain unconvinced and haven’t worn them since. I maintain it’s the cut of the vamp I’m not entirely feeling anymore…and their days are numbered, I think. In any case, I came upon these lovelies one afternoon and their fierceness (yeah, sorry) couldn’t be denied. Definitely more of a fall shoe with the calf hair, but I wanted to post them now (as you know I’m a big fan of shopping pre- and post-season for great deals). You’ve just got to love a sexy platform high heel peep toe now and then. This pair, with the wooden platform and calf-hair upper, have got enough sass to carry a whole outfit and then some, so naturally I’ll be keeping the rest of the outfit simple and demure. A little animal goes a long way.


[prov-uh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun; place or source of origin.

Date of Purchase: Summer 2010

Circumstances: I took a trip to Nordstrom Rack which is fast becoming my favorite ‘stop by to see what’s new’ store. The shoe selection is extensive albeit overwhelming for some. I love the hunt, so I don’t mind trolling aisle after aisle of shoes. I wasn’t have much luck this particular day. I have, however, developed this talent for shopping the tight and crowded aisles of the Rack. It’s akin to speed reading… I scan row after row of shoes waiting for a particular color, texture or heel to catch my eye. I’ve gotten quite good at it, I must admit, finding some killer hidden deals. I spotted this lone pair by N.Y.L.A., in my size just before another female did. I fell in love with the cut and the fact that they were on clearance for less than $30 was just criminal. Anyone can afford leopard heels at that price. Anyone.

Compliment Meter: 4. A few compliments. Quote of the day from Laura (of Lazy Bird Bakery), ‘Look at you, Miss Cheetah shoe. Aren’t we the wild one today!’ Shoe confidence level: High.

Comfort: This pair was one of those unfortunate incidents where the shoes fit fine in the store and slipped on my heels at home. Beware of trying on heels after work, ladies, your feet are a bit swollen then. However, it was nothing 2 heel pads can’t fix. The heel is quite high at around 4.5″ with a platform and they are not for walking around the office, or anywhere, all day. Great for short stints or looking fabulous while seated. A 6 out of 10.

Worn with: Slim, single pleat chinos from Club Monaco, White short sleeve blouse from J. Crew, vintage pearl and gold chain necklace.

Thoughts: “Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else. ~Clinton Kelly


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