The 10 Month Drought, Quenched

July 11, 2010 § 4 Comments

Wait-worthy wedges

The wait has been so long, I almost can’t even believe I’m writing this post. The golden fleece, the holy grail, Everest, the Isner v. Mahut tennis match…and now, after 10 months, the purchase of the coveted Ralph Lauren Collection sandals. Maybe I’m exaggerating (oh,just a smidge) in the comparisons, but the truth is it’s been an arduous task. Patience and perseverance paid off, however, as I now own this lovely pair of shoes. I kind of wish I could attach some kind of Hallelujah soundtrack or fireworks to this post, I’m so happy! Maybe getting this excited for a pair of shoes is a bit ridiculous, but I never claimed this was a sensible blog of any sort. After waiting so long I thought the luster would have worn off or my desire abate; it definitely has not. The cut is lovely, the suede is a beautiful color and ankle strap and stuede band along the bottom are perfectly balanced. The cork makes them heavenly light and the look as good with shorts as they do with chinos and dresses. The color and height adds length to my silhouette and well, they just make me feel pretty. Exactly the way every shoe should.


[prov-uh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun; place or source of origin.

Date of Purchase: June 2010

Circumstances: As you likely know, I’ve mad it a habit of visiting this lovely pair of shoes at DSW on a regular basis. I would drop by to see if they had been marked down, to see if my size was still there, and to see if I still loved them as much as I thought I did. The answer to all three was always no, yes and yes. One day after work I decided to make such a visit, not expecting much change in their 40% off sticker—and I was right. As I wondered to myself just how long I would I be willing to wait for these silly shoes, I decided to chat up one of the sales ladies. I asked her what her markdown cycle was, to which she replied, “Three months, but I’m not sure how long they’ve been at 40-off.” Well, I was sure, as I’ve been steadily stalking them since last August…I would have to wait at least another month for an additional markdown. Rubbish, I thought. I shared with her my story: my blog, the shoes, my stalking/regular visits, calling to check on the price, etc. She was not only surprised by my determination (or lunacy) and the sheer fact that the shoes had indeed been on the floor for 10 months. She rang her manager on her earpiece and explained the situation, and with that, the manager offered me an additional markdown. I was thrilled, put them on hold until the next day, went home, retrieved my DSW rewards coupon and a gift certificate I had saved and then it was done. I owned them. I went home and promptly put them on, as I do with all shoe and clothing purchases I love. Lessons learned: patience pays off, don’t settle for a subpar choice, and it never hurts to befriend a salesperson.

Compliment Meter: 5. Several compliments from gents and ladies alike and several, “Oh my gosh…are those THE shoes?!!” Shoe confidence level: High. Very high.

Comfort: Lightweight and despite being 5″ high, the platform and shock absorption of the cork make them very walkable. A 9 out of 10.

Worn with: White linen drop-waist shirt dress from Abaéte.

Thoughts: “I can’t be funny if my feet don’t feel right.” ~Billy Crystal


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