Two if By Sea

April 28, 2010 § 8 Comments

Pending new addition to the closet: Sperry Top-Sider.

It may seem I’m late to the party on the topic of boat shoes. Maybe not. I owned Sperry’s back in junior high when they were the shoe to wear with our uniform plaid skirts and crested sweaters. When school let out, I’d watch my dad wear a pair of authentic originals until they fell apart as he’d launch and dock the boat at the lake all summer long.

With the resurgence of 80’s (and therefore, 50’s) fashion and all things traditionally ‘prep’, it’s no surprise Sperry has become popular, with collaborations with J. Crew, Band of Outsiders and Jeffrey’s to boot. Everyone is familiar with the iconic brand and you can read about their 75 year old heritage and invention of the boat shoe here. My interest: I’ll once again be adding a pair to my closet, and below are the front runners. 

The classic in a slightly washed brown

Pure classic Sperry in basic, unisex, go-with-everything brown. My only question, are they a bit dark for spring (especially on the pale Irish stems of yours truly)?

I am admittedly addicted to a goood suede shoe, so it’s no surprise that this pair, caught my eye during a recent trip to our newly opened Sperry store. The color make them slightly more interesting, and yes, less traditional. The grey/sage is a fantastic neutral and could be worn with anything, really. Is it just an oxymoron to go with a suede boat shoe, though?

Sperry’s classic silhouette in classic navy with a just touch of silver  piping to make it a bit more modern. Can you get more nautical than navy and white?

I was entirely unconvinced when I first saw this pair online at J. Crew. A certain adorably dressed Crew employee in Denver changed my mind, however, as she paired them with cropped slim pants and a french sailor stripe top.

You can update almost any shoe with a pop of color. These pink patents are girlie, bright and happy. They make me want to go to a picnic, county fair or something with a ferris wheel and cotton candy in abundance.

There you have it, the contenders for my boat shoe purchase. Maybe you have a favorite, or maybe you prefer another pair altogether. I welcome your votes/comments before I choose which I will wear as I sail off into the sunset.

‘Since inventing the first boat shoe, our brand continues to share our “Passion for the Sea” with those who enjoy the good life in, on and around the ocean.’ ~from Sperry Top-Sider


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§ 8 Responses to Two if By Sea

  • Barron says:

    Holy pink. Don’t think I’ve ever seen those before.

    A good (albeit basic) alternative to the brown ones would be the Sahara color, which is a little more tan. I find it goes with everything, obviously. K (@fifthandbrannan) got some recently and now it’s all she wears. :]

  • pairdiem says:

    You know, the Sahara color way was *this close* to being posted as well. I do love the natural, lighter color, so yes, I’ll keep them in the running. Thanks for the rec, I bet K rocks them well!

  • james says:

    The navy with the brown laces are pretty rad.

  • Anna says:

    The navy is classic. Altho, the funny thing is, I’m also digging the gold pair too.

    • pairdiem says:

      Most people who have commented or talked to me lean towards navy or the gold. They’re the front runners at the moment.

  • @ROBlN says:

    Get the platinum gold, but get them from the J. Crew website instead of the Sperry’s website or Nordstrom because J. Crew has them made slightly different and they are WAY better and less old-lady like. The ones you have pictured are the Sperry’s website one because they don’t have a stripe on the instead back. This light metallic is so summer and goes with everything. The brown and navy are too predictable and I’m sure you have enough neutral shoes already. Platinum gold and suede are my top two!

    • pairdiem says:

      Good feedback Robin. Yes I know the picture I posted is from Sperry and J. Crew has a similar, but not identical platinum gold pair. I’ll be sure to try both on for comparison. Thanks!

  • Quindome says:

    Cute! I too have been thinking of the gold ones! At first I thought they were a little too Dorothy, from Golden Girls, but I saw them in real life and they are too cute!

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