Sock it to me. Or rather, don’t.

April 19, 2010 § 2 Comments



sock ninja flip flop things


I generally stay on the positive on Pair Diem and reserve my negative or at least cautious comments to my own pairs of shoes. However when I spotted these… I just couldn’t resist. Some things come into fashion providing a new function or freshness to our closets; somethings come into fashion for no discernible good reason and hopefully don’t last long.

This pair, by MM6 Mason Martin Margiela are just confusing. Flip flops with socks attached? Warm weather sandals to just keep your toes cool but your heels warm? Ninja-like spandex leg warmer flats? To cover up everything but the toes (not necessarily the most attractive part of the foot) is risky unless you have beautiful toes. I’ve tried to imagine an outfit where these would be the perfect finishing touch. Difficult at best. I just can’t get behind them, and I’ve tried. And let’s be honest, this photo is hurt by the serious lack of a pedicure on the poor model.  Note to online retailers, proper grooming is always necessary. We notice.

Thoughts: “Shoes then, have meanings and messages that go far beyond mere function and as a result achieve many spectacular forms, from the mordantly practical to the surreally sculptural.” ~Caroline Cox (Vintage Shoes)


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§ 2 Responses to Sock it to me. Or rather, don’t.

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