Comfortable Fashion. Really.

April 1, 2010 § 3 Comments



Lower your heels, not your expectations ~Scarpasa


An unfortunately common occurence: certain friends and family come to me for shoe buying or styling advice. I give them options. Then I hear the all too familiar, ‘I can’t walk in them’ ‘they’re too high’ ‘they’re uncomfortable’ …and they subsequently hear my reaction when show me their ‘comfortable’ heels, ‘they’re ugly’ and ‘I cannot, in good conscience, let you wear those.’ We both may be in luck, as I may have found one answer to many an aching foot’s prayer. I recently came across this site for truly fashionable, low-heeled, walkable shoes. This is normally an oxymoron, (ballet flats being the exception) but Scarpasa is proving that wrong. The online retailer carries an international collection of some adorable low heels I would easily recommend to anyone. The peacock blue suede peep toes from Milly are a favorites. The ballet flats and strappy nude heels can be worn with just about anything. The peep bow-toe snakeskins are quirky 50s inspired, and remind me of my Grandma C.

Most pairs might set you back a bit, but finding low-heeled cuteness is such a rarity, I think it’s worth every penny. So no more complaining, here’s a few pairs I think we can all agree on.

Thoughts: “Shoes then, have meanings and messages that go far beyond mere function and as a result achieve many spectacular forms, from the mordantly practical to the surreally sculptural.” ~Caroline Cox (Vintage Shoes)


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