Italian Wonderland

March 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

image via Neiman Marcus

If there is a designer (or house of design in any case) that knows how to whip up wondrous feminine confections, it’s Valentino. Maybe I became ever so slightly more enamored  after watching The Last Emporer a few times. In addition, scooping up a chiffon Valentino blouse (at TJ Maxx. Really.) practically made my year. In any case, I’m a fan, and these shoes are the stuff of dreams. From the dainty heel to the delicate but dramatic lace work, they’re like Alice in Wonderland or more accurately, the Queen of Hearts for your toes. Any girl lucky enough to take these home is sure to break a few.

They’re not practical or affordable, but they sure are gorgeous.

I love beauty. It’s not my fault”~Valentino


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§ 2 Responses to Italian Wonderland

  • momentumoffailure says:

    At first glance, I admit, I thought, “Rough stuff. I wonder how she’s gonna justify this…” Then, bam, you did. Post-description, I couldn’t agree more that the whimsical nature and the lace flair of the footwear now has me thinking thoughts of classic costume balls and kissing a mystery dance partner at midnight.

    • pairdiem says:

      Such a fantastic pair, and oh yes, quite perfect for a masquerade. Honestly, though, if I had them, I’d find a way to wear them. Weekly.

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