Stalked and Found

February 17, 2010 § 6 Comments

Billy Reid Lurleen Boots. 

Photographs by F.E. Castleberry.

The end of a long journey. The culimation of many months of searching, speculating, strategizing, saving, hoping and even more searching, for the right pair of flat brown boots. Last year I unwisely settled on this pair  that didn’t make it through the Pair Diem challenge. Still needing a pair of flat brown boots, I resolved not to settle for a subpar pair. I would go without if necessary, but would not spend money on something I didn’t love. I posted these Billy Reid riding boots  several weeks ago when I spotted them online. It was love at first site (who wouldn’t love that photo?) which was cemented into a truly sincere passion after trying them on. I adore them, in all their equestrian-styling splendor. Handmade in Italian leather, they have a perfect almond toe with a beautiful back zip and covered snap tab. Being a designer I truly appreciate packaging, and these came in a hefty box with a lovely striped ribbon, a certificate of quality (stamped in Italy), and each boot in their own individual logo-stamped and ribbon strung dust bag. Sometimes I thought they might not deserve such adulation, but then I look at them again, paired with skinny ripped denim and I fall in love again. I searched, I stalked, I scoured, I stayed; now I own. I couldn’t be happier.


[prov-uh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun; place or source of origin.

Date of Purchase: Winter 2009/10

Circumstances: As previously stated, I found this pair online several weeks ago. Loving them was not an issue, but pricepoint was. I thought possibly my attraction was overblown, so I took a trip to the Dallas Billy Reid store (we are lucky to have one) for a closer look. After trying on a pair or two, the only indecisive thought I had was which color I preferred, a dark sueded chocolate brown, or a smooth reddish brown. Absolutely lovely, both of them, but still out of my range. So I watched and waited. I’m a very persistent and patient shopper when focused. After finding other pairs that I also liked, but nothing under $900, I had almost given up hope of fulfilling my brown boot need this year. I had decided not to settle and I wouldn’t. Then I got the email, from a friend who happens to have the inside scoop at Billy Reid: The boots are on sale, we can get your size shipped in from another store. Halelujah! A week later they arrived and although I was initially unsure of the reddish color (I chose them over the chocolate brown) I have since come to love them. Happiness.

Compliment Meter: 8. Very, very  positive responses all around. I’ve had 4 complete strangers (men included) comment on them. Quite a rarity. Shoe confidence level: Highest.

Comfort: Very comfortable. on day 1 my sock did rub my heel a bit, but I’ve had no complaints since. Lovely. Overall, a 9 out of 10.

Worn with: Wool suede patch turtleneck from Rugby, herringbone blazer from Banana Republic, skinny ripped denim from Gap.

Thoughts: “I think shoes are coveted because they are mini-sculptures. You can stare at a shoe on your shelf and feel as much happiness as when you actually have them on your feet.” ~Shoe designer Tiffany Tuttle


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