Once Bitten

February 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sometimes the smallest detail makes the biggest difference. There is nothing terribly exciting about socks, even knee socks. The latter flashed me back to my private school days, donned with the obligatory plaid kilt and blazer. I haven’t had much need for knee socks until the fairly recent resurgence of knee-high boots and even then, viewed them as nothing more than a functional item.

The re-popularization of  what is commonly referred to as the ‘prep’ or ‘trad’ style has once again made socks a sartorial detail instead of just a shoe liner. Often seen in argyle, knee socks and anklets for women have become a ready companion for oxfords and mary janes. A softy for equestrian-leaning style, I find the gold horse bit detail on this knee socks from In God We Trust just heavenly.  A slight but well-porportioned piece of hardware marrying the right amount of tongue-in-cheek prep and equestrian style. Any larger and the effect would have been clumsy, and the solid color keeps them subdued and easily wearable. They achieve what should be the desired effect of any detail: nothing overtly noticeable,  but appreciated as that clever something extra once seen. I buy pieces that amuse me, and these fit the bill. It takes a well designed detail to produce the desire to purchase cognac mary janes or high heeled oxfords just to pair with these. So I say, well done.


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