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I have addictions. Fashion addictions. Each season I have my staple go-to pieces and looks that I continuously rotate and reinvent as needed. For a while it was wide-leg denim, then skinny, then both. Blazers are a given, as is the color navy. When the brisk autumn air rolls in, it’s ballet flats and scarves, scarves and more scarves. When temperature drops I reach for boots nearly every day for not only their sleekness but added warmth as well. My most recent addiction, a carryover from last year, is tights and boots or booties. I can’t get enough of tights in subtle patterns and solids. A bit too, well, mature, for the neon brights on the legs of some young ladies, I’m having a love affair with grey, black, plum and brown, window-pain check and even subtle plaids. They’re an easy accessory to skirts, dresses and yes, shorts.

ankle sock and mid-calf varieties

ankle sock and mid-calf varities

I’m all for added function with fashion, (my current favorite tights being reversible) so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this legwear by Bootights. Ok, ok, no comment on the name…(well, other than it sounds a lot like a very odd Halloween costume) The concept has legs, if you will. The tights are combined with a sock bottom for extra comfort when treading about town in boots. It’s a solid idea, and I’m all for anything that increases the comfort of footwear. I’ll be giving them a go and if a success, you can be sure they will make the not-so-short list of fashion addictions.

“I think shoes are coveted because they are mini-sculptures. You can stare at a shoe on your shelf and feel as much happiness as when you actually have them on your feet.” ~Shoe designer Tiffany Tuttle


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