All I Want for Christmas

December 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

Call it boredom, call it curiosity, call it selfishness but I miss y’all, my friends, and so does my blog. I long to see what you’re up to…at the very least what’s new on your feet. Larissa recently reminded me how much I love my guest posts. Bottom line, I want more. Maybe it’s a few new pairs of boots, or a fabulously sparkly pair of shoes you’ll wear to the next holiday fete, or a dying-to-own pair you’re hoping Santa slides under the tree. (Santa obviously reads my blog, so you can let him know what you’re wishing for) You know the drill: I post, people read, vote, comment. Good times and merriment for all. Tis the season to bring everyone together…and let’s face it, shoes can do that.

Anyways, a few guest posts are on my list, and I’ve been good. Relatively.

Send yours to

“God created a special emotion for when women walk into a shoe store.”~Roopal Patel, senior fashion accessories editor for Neiman Marcus


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