Guest Post: All Black-Tied Up

December 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

Guest post complements of Larissa. You can see another of her serious pairs (and her fashionable husband Myron) from a long-ago special edition post when Pair Diem co-creator Bethany got married. Enjoy!

Shiny, Silky and Strappy

At the last minute  my husband, Myron L. Branford, tells me he wants to attend a charity ball thrown by the Dallas Margarita Society (the largest charity ball in the country, by the way). I only had a few hours to shop (always last minute), so I neaded over to one of my favorite shoe stores, Nordstrom Rack. I went there to find a dress for the evening but I always head to the shoe section first. I walked down the aisles and stumbled across a fierce Guess stiletto that I could possibly wear for the evening. It was also the shoe I had tried on a month ago but didn’t want to pay the initial price. I crossed my fingers, said a silent prayer (Lord Bless MY Wallet, Amen) and flipped the shoe over. It went down $20!!! I politely went to the counter, asked for the mate, and proceeded to find my dress for the evening. (No luck at the Rack but Thank you Kenneth Cole Outlet!)

Side note: You know you have purchased some fierce shoes when a stranger approaches you and says, “Love your shoes, Girl!”


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