All Hallows Eve

October 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Happy Halloween everyone! You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what shoes I’ve picked to wear for the Halloween festivities tonight. The reason why I purchased them and the outfit I’m wearing tonight are 100% tied to each other which makes for a great story, and it was completely unplanned. Here’s a hint, I literally plan on Shutting. It. Down.

I do have a few pairs of shoes that did not make it into the Pair Diem challenge, simply because I consider them costume-only shoes and would never wear them except to a theme party or Halloween gathering (think 3″ platform go-go boots and spike-heeled pumps covered in fishnet pattern). There was no way I was going to wear those to work and I didn’t want you or anyone else to think they were a part of my regular wardrobe, so they remain under the bed. Maybe I’ll snap a few photos, they’ll at least garner a few laughs. I’m also hoping while galavanting around this evening in costume that I will spot some interesting footwear. If I do, rest assured I will treat you to a Halloween Special Edition.

In the meantime, I’m extending an invitation. It has been some time since I’ve had a guest post and the blog is feeling a little lonely. I think it gets bored of just my shoes and ramblings after a while. I know you all have footwear of note, either fabulous, outrageous, original or just plain well-loved. Take a photo, send me the story and I’ll post for viewing. Come on, share the shoe love.

Have a safe and chocolate and treat filled evening!

“Nothing has been invented yet that will do a better job than high heels at making a good pair of legs look great, or great ones look fabulous.” ~Stuart Weitzman


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