The Replacements

July 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

Getting rid of over 20 pairs of shoes is a big deal. To be fair, owning enough shoes to then get rid of as many, is also a big deal. The reactions I’ve received from people after explaining my blog and how many pairs I went through has been varied and entertaining. Most males look at me as if I have several heads and then ask if I’m kidding. (really, do women ever kid about shoes?) Some women also find it funny, some can completely relate and others are in a bit of shock and awe…not necessarily in the most positive sense. I can’t blame them, it is a fact I own a lot of shoes, even after the purge. I’m still contemplating if there are more shoes that need to be added to the graveyard…and I’ll keep you posted on that.

On to the true subject of this post: the Replacements. You may think I’m nuts for even considering replacing any of the condemned shoes. However, there are holes in my shoe wardrobe that were being filled, albeit in a mediocre way, by several of the pairs that are on their way out. I will be shopping to fill these holes; not necessarily to replace the old shoes, but to find a more perfect and concise fit for what I am, and in many cases have been, looking for.

First up is a summer staple, the summer wedge. Some years it surfaces as an espadrille (the most classic version), some with a cork heel or with a wood wedge. They work in the thick of summer with everything from sundresses to shorts. Easier to walk in and less precious than heels, I usually rely on a pair or 2 each year. Last year it was my gold wedges from Day 62 which have since been banished to the graveyard. Luckily there are the amazing mid-summer sales going on right now so I’ve found several contenders, and here in the south, summer continues all the way through October so I’m sure to get plenty of wear from them. Some I’ve found are clearly out of my price range…they’re just lovely to look at.

Take a look, vote your thoughts…I’ll be making a purchase this week and will post which pair have made it into my smaller and now more selective, closet:

The ‘Dreamy’ pairs are for looks only…clearly out of the budget unless I can find them on insane clearance somewhere. I adore them both, especially the feminine shape and ankle strap on the Ralph Lauren pair and the braided sole on the Stuart Weitzman’s….sigh.

Thoughts: “I think clothing is about expressing how you want to feel or who you are – especially shoes, because women sort of access themselves emotionally through shoes. If you want to feel sexy you can put on some heels. If you want to feel practical you can put on something practical and change your mood instantly.” ~Georgina Goodman, British Shoe Designer


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