The Obituary

July 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

This just in, almost one third of my closet is being sentenced to eternal punishment in the shoe graveyard. Each pair, may they rest in peace, will never again grace my feet.

The soon-to-be dearly departed

The soon-to-be dearly departed


A total of 26 pairs have been voted out of my wardrobe and my life. Most were no surprise, like the Hall of Shame of course, others were a very close race. On a few 50/50 pairs I had to make the call and I even added a few pairs you deemed worthy to stay but I am tired of wearing (Day 70 for example). Most I will not miss. A few I will miss having around even though I didn’t wear them often. Comfort pairs, as it were. Like a great pair of worn in jeans or a sweater that you’ve sentimentally attached to, I liked just knowing these shoes were in the wardrobe in the event I needed them, albeit not often (like my yellow suede flats from Day 32 ).

Regardless, they must go and I must detach. Having gone on this journey I’ve realized a few things. Shoes can be quite self revelatory, you know…

~Going forward, I want fewer pairs of shoes overall. More fabulous pairs, but fewer; focusing on pairs I truly need and not settling for a pair I don’t love. However, knowing myself and my love for footwear, the occasional terribly cute and on-sale trendy pair is bound to creep in and I’m ok with that.

~I’ve also realized my tendencies towards certain shoe ¬†attributes: peep-toes and slingbacks, which will stay, and chunky wedges, which largely, will not.

~Having to wear a unique pair every day forced me to plan my outfits accordingly and specifically, a challenge in itself, but one I really enjoyed. The adage that we wear 20% of our closet 80% of the time became oh so apparent to me. I not only rediscovered some pairs of forgotten shoes, but some forgotten clothes as well. The point is, what’s the point of owning things you never wear? Therefore, more equal wear of what I own, plus another closet purge, this time of clothes will be happening.

What’s more I’m very excited to take all these pairs and send them off to a good cause at Soles for Souls. Stay tuned, I’ll document the full story of the donation, and luckily, to more of your pairs you have sent in for public scrutiny. Keep sending them, I’ll keep posting them and maybe you’ll make a shoe donation of your own.


§ 2 Responses to The Obituary

  • rebecca says:

    It’s great!! that you are giving these to soles for souls! I would definitely miss the heels with the gathers and I love those black flip flops next to the shabooties. THANKS FOR THE ENTERTAINING BLOG!!

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