Guest Post #3: The story of Annette and Kate

July 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

The next guest post is from here in Dallas, courtesy of  Annette. When I see Annette, we do have the habit of immediately commenting on each other’s shoes and handbags so I was not a bit surprised
to have her send in 2 pair for our perusal. Annette loves Kate. Is it true love? Read on and vote.
Anyone who knows me the slightest bit well knows that I’m a big Kate Spade fan.  That said, it should come as no surprise that 2 of my favorite pairs of shoes are Kate Spade’s.  What I love most about the Kate Spade look or style is that she takes classic looks and gives them new life, mostly through color or a fabric pattern.  Both of the shoes I submitted to the Pair Diem blog for scrutinizing are great examples of the the Kate Spade style.  (At least I think so)
Stripes in the sun

Stripes in the sun

Pair 1- Kate Spade  Heels
Place of Origin: Neiman’s Downtown Dallas
Date of Purchase: Late Spring/Early Summer 2001
Circumstances:  I had either walked over to Neiman’s on my lunch hour to pay my bill or have lunch with a co-worker and we stopped in the shoe dept on the way out of the store.  It was Last Call (2 of my favorite words) and I spotted two versions of this shoe, 1 as a slingback and 1 as a mule.  After consulting with my co-worker I decided to go with the mules based on his observation that they were sexier than the slingbacks and made my legs look good.  Enough said.
Compliment Meter: After 8 years I still get compliments on these shoes from total strangers.  But the ultimate compliment came from Tim Gunn at a recent Kate Spade store event.  How can you argue when Tim thinks your shoes work!  Shoe Confidence Level:  High.
Comfort: These have always been one of my most comfortable pairs of heels.  How I wish Kate Spade would return to this shoe style again.  Overall, a 10.
Worn with: Coral summer dress from J.Crew or something khaki or camel- either a skirt or pants- and a white top.
Green and pink, a prep's best friend

Green and pink, a prep's best friend

Pair 2- Kate Spade Sandals
Place of Origin: Kate Spade store, NorthPark Mall
Date of Purchase: Late Summer 2005
Circumstances: I fell in love with these shoes the first time I saw them and patiently waited 4 months for them to go on sale.  Quite honestly, they’re the most expensive sandals in my closet, and worth every penny.  Not a second of buyer’s remorse over bringing these darlings home.
Compliment Meter: I’ve garnered several compliments on these over the years, and they’re usually accompanied by my other favorite compliment “You always have such cute shoes”. Shoe Confidence Level:  High.
Comfort: This summer I’ve noticed that the green ankle strap is a little more loose and it slips down a bit on my ankle.  (groan, sniff)  A trip to the shoe doctor may be in order at the end of this summer.  Overall, a 7.
Worn with: Pink Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress, khaki pants, skirt or shorts and a white top; again either one of the bright colors in the shoes or something neutral that needs a punch of color.
My quote: It is not money that makes you well-dressed, it is understanding.  Christian Dior

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  • pairdiem says:

    Annette, looks like both your pairs are in the clear! I’m sure this cements your love of Kate even further….if that’s possible. 🙂

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