Guest Post #2: Memo from the Mile High City

July 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

The next guest post comes from Kristen in Denver. We attended the same university and I used to work for her now husband. Not only are they an adorable couple with a precious son, she’s a heck of an artist and I still have one of her paintings hanging in my apartment! A fellow lover of shoes, she’s sent in 3 of her pairs for our perusal…


So the common theme with my shoes is, if it fits, is well-crafted, and I can walk 3 miles and stand all day in them, then they come home with me.  If my job didn’t require black, I’d probably be in serious trouble. 

Squarely set

Squarely set

The first pair are the black knee high boots with the red wooden sole.  These were purchased in Atlanta, GA on a business trip at a fabulous boutique in Lenox Square called Pella in the fall of 2005.  I have several well-loved pairs from this store and that is what I miss most about traveling to Atlanta!  This one is by Lisa Nading, a funky boutique designer who now designs for Coclico(sp?).  

Worth the money the, are they worth wearing now? What do we think, readers?


Gladiatorial feet

Gladiatorial feet

The second pair are by Apepazza and were purchased at Nordstrom in Summer 2008.  They are the flattest flat possible, almost like walking on bare feet due to the leather sole.  I was in search of a pair of gladiator inspired sandals, but most looked ridiculous on my tiny frame and so ultra trendy that they would be obsolete in a year.  I wasn’t too sure about the silver metallic, but instantly found them to be a more wearable summer color than white, and was in them all season long.  This year, they still hold up and are back in rotation.

Are these sandals worthy to be worn in daily battle?


Wrapped and buckled

Wrapped and buckled

e last pair are the brown heel with ankle strap that wraps around.  The writing has worn off on the inside, but I believe they are Joseph Campbell Vintage.  I found these on another business trip, this time in Bellevue, WA at a little shoe boutique in the mall.  I was debating about black (practical with our dress code at work) or brown, which there was a serious deficit in my shoe wardrobe.  I chose the brown because it was such a different shade than you typically see in a shoe, and have been happy with the decision ever since.  I usually wear these with a skirt or cropped pants in order to appreciate the fabulous strap (that functions so well for my narrow feet by keeping the shoe on!)

Are they a strapping good choice?

A wonderful post from Kristen. Everyone, cast your votes!

Thought: “Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a  subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else.” ~Clinton Kelly


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  • pairdiem says:

    Kristen, your post is great, thanks for sending! My least favorite are the boots. I understand how hard it is to find fabulous boots that fit the calf well and these fit you to a tea, however I’m not loving the square toe. (the red wedge is pretty great) Loving the gladiators! Great choice on that trend. Finally, your strappy pumps…I love the ankle strap and large buckle. I think they’re quirky but I can just imagine you rocking them, and think you need to continue to do so!

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