Special Edition: Calling all Pairs

June 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

Hello lovely readers. Breaking news: I’ve decided to add a little something extra to Pair Diem. I have truly enjoyed the challenge of donning a different pair of shoes each day, especially the forgotten about and rather unattractive, and I still have some pairs left. I appreciate your voting, your honest and candid opinions in the comments you’ve left and have often been surprised at the outcome of many of the poles which lead me to this conclusion…

I want to see your shoes. Yes, your shoes.

Either the pairs you are so enamored of, you could not possibly tread through life without or the pairs that you love because they are terribly unattractive but have some other strongly redeeming quality (the story behind them, the comfort level, they dropped out of  heaven into your closet) or maybe a dream pair you’ve always wanted. It’s up to you, but I would love to see what you, the readers, are wearing on your feet.

Send the pic and a little backstory to scarpeaux825@yahoo.com and you might see your pair displayed on Pair Diem. Don’t be shy, I’m not here to critique (ok maybe a comment or two)…and taking a look at my Hall of Shame should give you all the courage you need. I still think my ‘stormtrooper’ boots take the cake.

Looking forward to it!


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