Special Edition: Viva Las Vegas

June 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

Heading out of town for work presented me with a problem; I was perplexed with what to do for the blog during my trip to Vegas. I knew I’d have only one day to document a pair for the Pair Diem challenge and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity of fantastic people watching in Sin City. Conclusion: document shoes from the masses descending upon this desert oasis and post for public entertainment.

I quickly realized that there are 2 types of shoes to be seen: comfortable and flashy. Walking the strip and especially through the gigantic casinos and malls takes a toll on the toes, thus having comfortable shoes is a necessity. Popular comfort shoe choices include basic flip flops,  sneaks, or highly unattractive sandals, occasionally with socks. I understand comfort is needed, but style and comfort do no have to be diametrically opposed.

The second category, flashy, is what I’d much rather document. Vegas inspires the crazier side of humanity which includes what they choose to put on their bodies. Pretty young things priming for a night out at one of Vegas’ best restaurants and ‘be seen’ clubs don their best, and often most extreme, footwear. The higher the better seems to be the standard, as well as she with the most bells and whistles on her feet, wins. I’m a fan of interesting footwear as well as the person who chooses to purchase it. Here are a few of my finds.

Smoke break at the Venetian

Smoke break at the Venetian

The first pair belong to a middle-aged woman on her midday smoke break, in the parking garage of the Venetian. Worn with a khaki skirt suit, interestingly. She was excited and flattered to have her canary yellow patent platform shoes photographed. Shoes: Steve Madden.

Touching up makeup in the ladies room at a club

Touching up makeup in the ladies room at Caesars

This young lady was touching up her makeup at a club in Caesars. She wore a LBD, something unfortunately short, I do recall. When I requested a photo of her shoes she was skeptical and asked, “I’m not going to end up on some ‘Worst Dressed’ list, am I?” No, I reassured her, and snapped the pic her her silver metallic croco platform mary janes. But she made a good point…

Working it, literally, at JCK

Working it, literally, at JCK

My favorite pair of the bunch belong to Melanie, a coworker also in Vegas for the JCK show. Her 2-tone Gucci’s are  just adorable and lend some serious class to the Vegas Special Edition. Another reason to be jealous of her? Her husband turned an extra bedroom into a closet, just for her. Sigh.

Blackjack table at the Bellagio

Blackjack table at the Bellagio

These stellar leg-binding specimens belonged to a young lady, wearing the requisite LBD, hanging with friends at a blackjack table at the Bellagio. She was also quite happy  to have her shoe photo taken by a complete stranger. It’s funny how no one asked me why I was taking their picture, they just assumed I wanted a pair just like theirs…we ladies love our shoes, don’t we? Shoes: Baker’s.

Taxi line, at the Palms

Taxi line, at the Palms

The final pair belong to a young lady standing in a taxi line  at the Palms. It was quite late in the evening and she had unfortunately, and rather obviously been ‘over-served.’ Yes, you’re right, her peach satin platforms have a double heart charm dangling from the buckle. The brand is unknown as this pic was snapped secretly. I knew it was best to avoid conversation at that point.

All in all, an exhausting work trip provided some entertaining shoe, and people, spotting.

For now, back to work and reality, and the pairs I still have yet to wear in the challenge. And oh, did I mention I bought a pair in Vegas?


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