Special Edition: Weekend Warrior

May 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

A couple of firsts this weekend: One, drinking a glass of pinot noir, served by a well-intentioned but utterly clueless waiter, that was so cold it was almost a slurpee and two, shooting a gun. Although the first, well ‘first,’ was mildly entertaining, it had nothing to do with my shoe wardrobe hence I’ll address the latter. Having the experience of shooting a gun of some sort is a commonality among most people in the state of Texas. I’m from the east coast and have never shot anything, nor did I ever have that desire. I’m not a fan of hunting and even possessing a gun for protection completely scares me. But, after receiving an email invitation for a Saturday morning skeet shooting outing I thought, what the heck, I can say I’ve done it and besides it’s only inanimate objects I’ll hopefully be blowing to bits. I recruited a few girlfriends and we were up and on our way, albeit half asleep, at 8am to the Garland Public Gun Range. Of course I had to consider what footwear would be appropriate (duck boots would have been oh so perfect) and originally planned to wear wellies. However, I wasn’t convinced they were necessary, so wore sneaks and brought the wellies just in case. We viewed the required video and received our little paper shooting permit while the friendly staff, each wearing at least one item of camouflage clothing, explained the range, rules and general gun etiquette. Ready to try our luck with the surprisingly large shotguns, we encountered a problem…a torrential downpour. Although happy I brought an umbrella (pink with polka dots, so appropriate) I realized this was not going to help with skeet shooting. While we waited for the weather to clear, two of us decided to try pistol shooting. Even with our required ear plugs, the noise was so loud I jumped out of my skin every time a gun fired. The old men found it quite amusing. I picked a target and took my first shot with a .22. Kind of fun and luckily a quieter gun that my neighbors.

The title is the best.

The title is the best.

I ended up being a decent shot and when the weather cleared a bit, we migrated over to the shotguns for skeet-shooting where I realized it was a lot more difficult to hit a moving target. The rain came down again and we just decided to tough it out. And by tough it out I mean 3 of the girls had umbrellas which we would hold over each other when shooting. One of the men, in the most outrageous outfit, even held my pink polka dot umbrella over me when I was shooting (I wish I got a pic of that). I eventually did change into my wellies, after my feet were already soaked, but I was still very glad I had them.

Much needed wellies.

Much needed wellies.

 Although I finished the morning wet and dirty, I was greatful to have hit a few clay pigeons. We ended up with extra ammo, so we might just go again…and I’ll definitely wear my wellies from the start.


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