Day 39: Walk Tall, Live Large

April 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

Caramel leather lifts

Caramel leather lifts

I’ve always wanted to be taller. After being stuck at 5’4″ through high school (ok maybe 5’5″ with the hair) I was thrilled to shoot up to 5’6″ though I always dreamed of 2 more inches. Maybe that explains these shoes…a seriously high wedge on a serious platform, that make me upwards of 5’9″. I enjoy the neutral color as it elongates the leg but the overall shape and woven-covered heel/sole is slightly perplexing. Maybe it’s the inward curve of the heel, maybe it would have been better as a sandal or slingback. I feel like less coverage in this case would have been better. I know there is a good idea in there somewhere. Do they elevate my style portfolio or come up short?


[provuh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun

place or source of origin: The provenance of the shoes has yet to be determined.

Date of Purchase: Spring 2008

Circumstances: I’m not completely certain, but once again I think I had embarked on a lunch hour retail shopping trip. So easy to do when shops are close by. I ended up in Ross, somewhere I hadn’t ventured into in many many moons. It’s a generally overwhelming store, even for someone like myself who loves the thrill of the bargain find, but I was in the mood for rummaging. I remember finding a darling pair of Ralph Lauren heels, only for them to be too big and of course as is the case in this type of shopping destination, were the only pair. I was attracted to the color of this pair, being on the lookout for neutral shoes and I found the heel texture springy and interesting. Comfort wise I wasn’t sold, but that didn’t stop me and the clomped their big soles into my closet.

Compliment Meter: 1. Not a very solid week so far…I think I need to wear a pair of fabulous shoes before my confidence erodes. Shoe confidence level: Low-ish.

Comfort: A bit challenging. Because the sole is so large, they don’t give much and the front edge of the shoe starts to rub the top of my foot while one of my heels simultaneously slips out. If they’re worthy enough to keep, I’d have to address that for sure. Overall, a 5 out of 10.

Worn with: Navy 3/4 sleeve knit dress from the Gap, this silk scarf from Urban that I am in love with, gold hoops and bracelets.

Thoughts: “Shoes describe our condition, project our ideas and beliefs, help us remember, immortalize personalities, improve economies, all these while making us walk taller, lifting our behinds and filling our closets. ~ Brian Tenorio,  shoe designer based in New York

Do these babies stay in the rotation or get dumped into the Shoe Graveyard?


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