Special Edition: Jen’s Rocky Mountain High

April 15, 2009 § 2 Comments

Tweedy Flats in Rocky Mountain Hues

My Sister's Tweedy Flats in Rocky Mountain Hues

This past weekend I traveled to scenic Colorado for Easter. I spent my few days there doing some mission work and was lucky enough to see my sister Jen and her hubby Todd as well. My eldest sis and I have quite different styles and fashion tastes and whenever we are together amuse ourselves with these differences. She’s more of a comfort-first gal when it comes to shoes especially, and I’ve realized this is quite the rule for the entire state of Colorado (all those outdoorsy active people on the go). One commonality is  fondness of TLC’s What Not To Wear and we spent a morning chuckling at one fashion misshap after another and their much-needed makeovers. As she headed off to an errand, I told her I wanted to feature a pair of her shoes on the blog. She let me peruse her closet and pick the most interesting pair in her absence. After finding at least 10 pairs of shoes that I begged her to rid herself of,  I chose these, by Oscar for Oscar de la Renta. They are a woven tweed-ish flat in browns, rusts and cream with a leather oval and resin/plastic oval on the toe. I find the texture (a little like grandma’s afgans) quite fetching and was proud of her for branching out of her standard loafer regime. The clincher, however, was the color palette. You see, my sister is a devotee of a very specific color palette, lots of warm earth tones, rusts, browns, peaches, beige, etc. For all you 80s babies, she is an ‘Autumn’ (remember Color Me Beautiful?). These shoes not only match the her personal color palette (clothes, shoes, and yes, her red hair), but also the Colorado landscape and her home’s interior (that’s her backyard on the left, no we were not hiking, and that’s her kitchen tile and den floor on the right). I give her this…she’s consistent!

Thoughts: “I’m glad those don’t fit your feet well, they’re ugly! That thing on the front looks like you need to be playing hacky-sack and kicking it off your foot to some hippie.” ~ Todd, Jen’s adoring husband

Comfort: She’s only worn them once because the heel rubs, so she’s considering getting them stretched. Worth the trouble? Overall, a 4 out of 10, so far.

Let’s give her a taste of the shoe challenge…vote on if these should stay or go.


§ 2 Responses to Special Edition: Jen’s Rocky Mountain High

  • Rebecca says:

    very grandma C and cute but if they are that uncomfortable i am not sure i’d waste the effort on stretching them….

  • Todd Sherman says:

    Yes, my comments about the crazy ball looking thing on the toe are indeed true. This is a tough one for me! I say they go, my wife goes out and buys more shoes. I say I like, then she gets mad with me when she does wear and I keep telling her, “kick the ball to me.” I think ultimately, my comment is this… “Hey sweetie, new shoes are ok… how about that trip we are saving for?” 🙂

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