Guest Post: Laura and Bethany

April 10, 2009 § 1 Comment

laura and bethanyIn Sara’s absence, Laura and Bethany are steppin’ in! No pun intended. haha

Laura’s wedges have everything but the kitchen sink. We are talking, zippers, buckles and even some embroidery on the heal. What more could a girl ask for?

Bethany: How do these make you feel?

Laura: They make me happy!

Bethany: Where did you get them and why?

Laura: I got them at Van Maur, (shout out to Iowa, holla!) in the clearance room. It was a choice between these black ones and a brown, basket weave leather. I thought the weave might be a little too much.

Bethany: Intersting…

Laura: I can no longer find ‘Kenzie’ anywhere. Unless there is a random pair on ebay. If anyone knows where to find them, or if anyone can prove me wrong please do so.

Bethany: So sad 😦  Final thoughts?

Laura: They have about a 3in. heel but they are super comfortable. They might be a little worn and torn, but I will wear them til the balls of my feet wear through the soles of these shoes. I heart them so much!

Bethany: I see nothing wrong with that.

Laura: Tell me about your choice today.

Bethany: These are my most favorite preppy handbook approved shoes EVER! They are not as comfortable as they look because the laces go through the sides of the shoes.

Laura: hmm….who does that? When did you purchase and why?

Bethany: Well, I wanted to buy them last summer…but never broke down and did it. But there has been so much preppy handbook talk lately, that I couldn’t resist. (and i love them)

Laura: This is fascinating….when does sara get back again?


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