Day 26: Shine On

March 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Shiny, happy, get me through Monday shoes

Shiny, happy, get me through Monday shoes

Another Monday, another work week. As I dashed out of the house, running just a tiny bit late, I realized I had chosen not only another pair of patent shoes for day’s pair, but patent peep toe shoes! Must wear patent shoes quickly before we’re full into Spring…and I know I’m already pushing that limit. This patent pair is a burgundy-ish brown color that is difficult to make out in my photo, with a lower 2″ heel. Just enough heel to make me walk a tad taller (not literally, of course) but moderate enough to allow the running around the office as can be required on a Monday. This Monday was no different and I was happy to have these on my feet to help me make it through. Are they good enough to keep, though? Or have they seen their last Monday….or anyday? You make the call.


[provuh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun

place or source of origin: The provenance of the shoes has yet to be determined.

Date of Purchase: Fall 2007

Circumstances: Almost a repeat of Day 25’s shoes, my apologies for that! I purchased these at Target, in a similar fashion. I cannot recall what I was looking for but no doubt I went to Target for something completely unrelated like light bulbs, olive oil and wrapping paper and ended up in the shoe aisle. I remember liking the mid heel on these and the burgundy-ish brown color made them versatile and wearable. I wasn’t the only one who thought so as I spotted them on a few other girls in the office that season. Proof of our addiction to Target, and any shoe aisle.

Compliment Meter: 2. Kind responses, but nothing exclamatory. The color is what impressed people the most it seems. Shoe confidence level: Medium.

Comfort: Quite comfortable, but only because of the gel insert. Without them, these do not make my feet happy which is surprising given the moderate heel.  Overall, a6.5 out of 10.

Worn with: Dark grey elbow length knit empire waist dress, ruffled cream tank underneath, cream scarf with thin brown stripes. Easy to run around in outfit.

Thoughts:Hemlines change, but you don’t have to participate. Go for the wow factor with bags and shoes.”~ Sarah Jessica Parker

Do these babies stay in the rotation or get dumped into the Shoe Graveyard?


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