This Just In…The Shoe Graveyard, now with a Purpose

March 16, 2009 § 2 Comments

As you know, the Pair Diem challenge started with the intention of me having to wear every pair of shoes I own, garnering votes on them, and getting rid of the footwear you all deem unwearable. I was originally going to take them to a local resale shop as I normally do with my gently worn items.

However, I’ve decided to donate the shoes to Souls4Souls, an international charity that has distributed more than 4 million donated pairs of new and gently used shoes to people in over 70 countries. The donation of shoes gives someone the hope for a better tomorrow-and it is a great way to recycle shoes. They accept gently worn shoes, new shoes and of course monetary donations.

Check out the website for more information and how you can help, also.


§ 2 Responses to This Just In…The Shoe Graveyard, now with a Purpose

  • Lori M says:

    You have some truly stellar shoes that may end up in your donation graveyard. Perhaps you could consider auctioning off all of your graveyard shoes to your loyal readers, and then make them donate a pair of their own shoes to this wonderful charity. Seems a shame to let some of your great shoes go to an unknown destiny, even under a good cause, when you might have a loyal reader who really wants them, will appreciate them, and wear them with glee! Just a thought…from your fellow shopping partner in crime.

  • pairdiem says:

    Good point, Lori… Maybe an auction is what I should do.
    Or sell them at a resale shop and send Souls4Souls the money made, and have readers send their shoes to be donated also!

    I’ll put it to you, the readers to decide. Thanks for the input!!

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