Day: 16 Banded Beauties

March 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

Part Shootie, Part Mary Jane? Yes.

Part Shootie, Part Mary Jane? Yes.

Another pair of shoes I knew I needed to wear soon…black suede can only be worn for so long, after all! These shoes, although hard to tell from the photograph are black suede, with a black patent heel and an elastic-ish band across the front, creating a mary-jane-meets-shootie-heel look. The band across the front is what makes them interesting, I think, along with the angle at which the shoe is cut on the sides. I’ve worn them with wide legs (shocker), tights and dresses and like here, skinnies. I like the way the jeans slouch over the band, creating a longer silhouette…always helpful. I was admittedly unsure of the shoe-boots of the season, determined not to repeat my ankle-boot days of the 90s.  Well, this was my first foray into the genre, (bought earlier this Fall before Day 3’s Shabooties) not too risky of a shape, and black is always classic. I like that they are feminine but have a bit of an edge. Am I successfully rockin’ this look, or should I nix them?


[provuh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun

place or source of origin: The provenance of the shoes has yet to be determined.

Date of Purchase: Fall 08

Circumstances: As I previously mentioned, I was a bit unsure of the shootie trend happening all over fashion starting the beginning of last year. I wasn’t a fan of the lace-up ankle boots, feeling a little too ‘Little House on the Prairie’ for me. The very pointy toe, spike heel were a little too 80s/90s rocker chick for my taste, too. I decided to shop around sure that I would find something in the bevy of shooties that I would love…although I wasn’t sure what that was, yet. I was browsing Northpark mall with it’s countless stores, positive I’d find a pair in Nordies to take home. No luck. I wandered into Nine West and found these. A nice mary-jane shootie hybrid. Feminine, interesting angles, easy to wear. They also came in a lovely grey suede which momentarily gave me pause, because grey is SO fetching. But I decided on the black, invisioning them with matte black tights and dresses. I do love matte black and suede. Decision made, purchased. On sale to boot.

Compliment Meter: 3. Positive response all around, especially the shiny patent heel. ‘Edgy enough to be interesting but not over the top’ was one quote.

Comfort: Quite nice, especially the almond toe and the elastic band at the front . Overall, an 8 out of 10.

Worn with: White v-neck T, long black cardi, plaid scarf, skinnies.

Thoughts: “I just can’t concentrate in flats.” ~Victoria Beckham

Do these babies stay in the rotation or get dumped into the Shoe Graveyard?


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