Day 15: Wedge Boots with An Eraser Sole

March 13, 2009 § 1 Comment

Black Wedge Boots...the sole looks like a rubber cement pick-up eraser...

Black Wedge Boots...the sole looks like a rubber cement pick-up eraser.

Today is the first um, humbling day of the pair diem challenge. I remember looking at these boots once the challenge started thinking, ‘oh yeah, I forgot about these (like the brown be-tassled boots)…I wonder what I can wear with them.’ Rather than be chicken and wear them with jeans, I donned leggings to show their full glory. Yes they are wedges with a tan gummy sole. Yes they have a center seam, and yes they have strips of leather that wrap all the way up the leg. I really wanted wedge boots at the time (see previous brown wedge boots…same era) and these fit the bill. See full story below. If anyone has ever worked with rubber cement (designers, scrapbookers, etc) you know what the rubber cement pickup/eraser looks like. THAT is what these soles are made of. Comfortable, but yes, odd. And I did feel like I was walking on erasers all day. One serious issue with the mechanics of this pair is the wrapping. They have one loop in the back to keep the straps in place, but if you continue to wrap up the leg, there is nothing to secure them, and you find yourself, as I did, adjusting, rewraping and tugging at them all day. Talk about high maintenance. Some shoes have a time limit, an expiration. Sometimes it’s due to their lack of comfort that they can only be worn a few hours. Some just give you an ‘ugh, why’d I wear these’ feeling. These reached their expiration at around 3pm. Done. Over them, the straps and the tugging. Ugh.

The question remains, is all the work and maintenance worth it? Some shoes are high maintenance and you just deal with it because they’re just that great. Are these?


[provuh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun

place or source of origin: The provenance of the shoes has yet to be determined.

Date of Purchase: Late Winter/Early Spring 2007

Circumstances: Like I said, back then I really wanted wedge boots. I had already purchased brown wedge boots (Day 8, currently garnering enough votes to stay in the rotation) and wanted black. I had read Lucky mag that winter and they had published their shoe guide, must-haves for the season in all colors and price ranges. These boots were featured. I remembered them and hoped to track them down at some point. I was out shopping the post Christmas sales at the mall and found myself perusing the sale racks at Dillards. Nothing of note to start. I spotted a few boot boxes and started inspecting each one. Viola! The boots from Lucky mag, in my size, on sale…and they were comfortable. Of course when trying them on, I did not anticipate the issue with the wrapping around my leg, I was just excited I found them. I picked them up at a steal price and was proud of my purchase.

Compliment Meter: -2. The most awkward and funny comments of any shoe so far. First 2 comments of the day, within 5 minutes of arriving to work: “Wow, look at those,” and “You look like you belong on the ‘Sarah Conner Chronicles’ ” (I’m pretty sure that’s a TV show prequel to The Terminator…for reference). Yikes. Then from Bethany, co-creator of the challenge, I got 2 gems: “Oh. Oh yeah, those are going to have to go,” (as soon as she saw them) and “You look kind of like a storm trooper.” (while photographing them for me) Yikes again. But hilarious…good thing she waited until the end of the day to tell me that, or I might not have lasted. If you can’t laugh at yourself…

Comfort: I could really walk all day in them…except for the exceedingly annoying straps sliding down every so often. Comfort: 8. Annoyance: 10. Show Confidence Level: LOW.

Worn with: The only thing I knew I’d feel ok in….all black. Black 3/4 sleeve v-neck tunic/minidress, leggings, black/white with brown patterned scarf and gold/black/cream bangles and dangly necklace, for distraction.

Thoughts: “I wear my straps really tight so that the high heels feel like an extension of my leg. And I take cabs.” ~Fashion model Liberty Ross

Do these babies stay in the rotation or get dumped into the Shoe Graveyard?


§ One Response to Day 15: Wedge Boots with An Eraser Sole

  • Rebecca says:

    i have to say that at first glance those boots are very attractive! when i popped in to see what you had posted my first thought was, “love those.” it’s the closer inspection that kills them… especially with your commentary… wow, they were basically a good idea… who knew they’d go so, so wrong

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