Day 6: Wild at Heart

March 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Leopard Heels...they always cycle back in....eventually.

Leopard Heels...they always cycle back in....eventually.

That’s right, leopard heels. I’ve never been a huge follower of animal prints but they have grown on me when displayed in small doses. A clutch, a shoe, a belt, an enamel bracelet possibly. (To be fair I think I own each of those in some sort of animal print) These shoes have served their purpose well…the ‘jeans and a black turtleneck statement accessory’ purpose that is.

As we discussed these shoes around the office, a very important shoe attribute came into focus: Toe Cleavage. That’s right, toe cleavage. The amount of shoe (the vamp) that covers your toes. When cut low enough on the foot, toe cleavage appears. This attribute became quite the discussion point a couple of years ago. The thinking is the lower the shoe is cut on the foot (more toe cleavage) the more elongated the leg appears. As my leopard heels display, there is no toe cleavage showing…I bought them back when that hadn’t become the norm yet. The shape of these heels is what I waffle about. The lack of toe cleavage makes the front of the show quite long. Do they seem a bit elf-like? Witch-like? Are they just dated? You need to weigh in. But these shoes in particular have a funny story. Ah what we do to look good for others…


[provuh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun

place or source of origin: The provenance of the ancient manuscript has never been determined.

Date of Purchase: Fall 2006

Circumstances: My boyfriend at the time invited me to his high school reunion. His 20 year high school reunion. I agreed to go as would any serious girlfriend, even though I knew it would be a borefest. I didn’t mind, I was going for him. Because it was his 20 year reunion, it was likely that most of the other attendees would be already married, possibly divorced, have children, etc. I thought my boyfriend might be a tish bothered by that, or at least by having to answer, ‘no, not married…no, no kids’ about a hundred times over the course of the evening. Being 8 years his junior I was fairly certain I would be the youngest person there and he’d be the one with the ‘young’ girlfriend. So I decided, well, if that’s what I’m going to be, then I might as well be the young  ‘hot-stuff’ girlfriend for him. Not that looks are everything, or even anything really, but I wanted to look good for him. So I scoured shops for a great dress and found one at Club Monaco, a simple and a flattering soft green knit knee length number. Naturally I need some sass in my accessories and after consulting with coworkers, it was decided that leopard shoes could do the trick. Nothing flashy, but more interesting than a solid. So I drag my coworker and shopping partner in crime, Lori,  all around town searching for the shoes to make the outfit. I found these heels, and they did the trick. They made the evening just a little bit better, as any good shoes will do for a girl. I did him proud and that’s really all that mattered. Oh and P.S… if you ever have to attend a SO’s reunion….the best, most humorous and most interesting conversations of the night are most definitely found in the ladies room.

Compliment Meter: 1. Much discussion with Bethany and Keri about the shape. Split opinions.

Comfort: No complaints…for heels. Overall, an 8 out of 10.

Worn with: Eggplant/jewel tone empire knit top, gold skinny belt, gold jewelry, wide leg jeans. Everyone feels good in jewel tones.

Thoughts: My weakness is wearing too much leopard print.” -Jackie Collins

Do these babies stay in the rotation or get dumped into the Shoe Graveyard?


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  • Rebecca says:

    whatever with the toe cleavage… i understand the concept but it can also look kind of disturbing at times…. do you agree?

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