Day 2: Well Heeled?

February 25, 2009 § 1 Comment

I live in boots all winter long

I live in boots all winter long

Ah, boots, how I love them. These: Heeled Black Riding Boots.

I truly live in boots and tights or boots and skinny jeans for approximately 3 months, or as long as I can push it, here in Dallas. And starting this shoe challenge I realized I have a very limited amount of time to wear all my boots…warmer days are rapidly approaching in big D. What I enjoy about these boots is the rounded riding-boot toe and seaming. Riding boots are always classic! The heel maybe dates them a little…and I have foregone wearing this pair of boots in favor of my flat riding boots this year. So the question is…do they live on as a classic? Or is it time to retire. They do have a great memory attached to them, read below.


[provuh-nuhns, -nahns] –noun

place or source of origin: The provenance of the ancient manuscript has never been determined.

Date of Purchase: August of 2007


Circumstances: What a great memory this shoe purchase has… I took a trip to Chicago for my birthday that year, and my sister Rebecca met me in the windy city. We had a great time visiting our amazing 92 yr old grandma and walking around downtown. And yes, there was shopping. We were shopping along Michigan Ave in the beautiful mid-80 degree August weather and happened upon a shoe store. We went in, natch… and both proceeded to fall in love with these boots! She bought them in brown, I bought them in black and we rejoiced in our yearly boot purchase. It was a great day…shopping, the beach, Holy Name Cathedral, and good food. Lovely.

Compliment Meter: Zero

Comfort: They are nice and broken in and have padding in the front. I could truly walk a long time in these kickers. I give them an 8!

Worn with: Camel colored knit dress, scarf, black patterned tights (of course).

Thoughts: “When a woman pulls on a great pair of boots, she not only walks differently – she behaves differently.” – Catherine Wilso

The question is, are these a great pair of boots?

Do these babies stay in the rotation or get dumped into the Shoe Graveyard?


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